Girls Gearing Up! Germany

“International Leadership Academy Summit- 2023”

On 8th July, 2023, our seven girl students from MYP & DP participated in a week-long international camp organised by “Girls Gearing Up International Leadership Academy Summit- 2023” held at Berlin in Germany. Around 37 young changemakers from 11 countries were present to learn new skills and prepare themselves to take action on social issues. The theme was ‘Creating communities towards a sustainable future’.

The students engaged in various activities, such as cultural exchange and online group discussion with other international hubs of Girls Gearing Up. All participants visited Technical University, where they learnt sustainable methods of 3-D printing and created designs accordingly. They also presented their scientific project, focused on the topic of ‘Sustainable Future’. By presenting their project on the Sustainable Future, they showcased their innovative thinking and the potential to positively impact our planet. They also visited Airbnb centre in Berlin.

These students displayed all the ATL skills. They demonstrated unwavering dedication and passion throughout their participation in the camp. Their commitment to promote sustainability and their eagerness to learn from international mentors showcased their spirit of Global citizenship. Their active engagement in cultural exchange activities fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation for diversity and collaboration.

We congratulate them for representing our school with grace, intellect, and passion. Their active participation in this international forum has undoubtedly left an indelible mark. This visit showcased their ability to grasp complex concepts and apply them to real-world challenges.