Approaches To Learning (ATL) Exhibition At Victorious Kidss Educares

Victorious Kidss Educares organized Approaches To Learning (ATL) Exhibition on 13 October 2017. The students of MYP (Middle Years Programme) and DP 1 (Diploma Programme Grade 1) consciously participated in this event, so as to reform and take a fresh look at ‘Approaches To Learning (ATL) skill’ development through IB pedagogy.

Approaches to Learning (ATL) are the strategies and skills that permeate the IB ‘Teaching and Learning’ environment. ATL and has always been a strong holistic part of IB teaching. ATL emphasizes on the IB belief that the foundation of a student’s education is not only what they learn but also how they learn. Teaching students ‘how to learn and why should I learn’ ~ have always been a part of IB teaching. IB is providing more explicit support for teaching these skills, aligning the Diploma Programme (DP) with the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Primary Years Programme (PYP). Focus on ATL is essential to improve the quality of teaching and learning across these programmes. The five (5) ATL skills, as identified by IB are:

  1. Thinking skills
  2. Communications skills
  3. Social skills
  4. Self-management skills
  5. Research skills

The DP1 students represented the country of Venezuela. They used various ATL skills to discuss different aspects of Venezuela in their respective subject areas. As a part of the introduction, Bhavika and Thanishq spoke about the food, geography, climate, currency, presidency, sports and many other such facts about the country. Aryan discussed the economic depression that took place in Venezuela, as a part of the subjects Mathematics and Economics. Sadhvi presented information about the biodiversity in Venezuela in the form of a science journal, as part of Biology and ESS. Besha displayed an informative poster about reciprocal determinism in Psychology. As part of Computer Science, Leena spoke about the technological advancements and challenges in Venezuela. Information about promoting particle physics in Venezuela was shared by Sadhvi. Business Management students Bhavika and Aryan shared information about the various multinational companies in Venezuela and also presented a SWOT analysis on these companies. Abhishek gave a presentation on natural and artificial drugs in Venezuela. Lastly, Harsh showcased his language acquisition skills by presenting a poster about the diseases faced by the Venezuelan population.

The MYP Students displayed information about the different countries they represented. The students of MYP 5 (A) presented information about the food, festivals, sports and culture of Finland. The students of MYP 4 represented countries like Iceland, Ecuador and Iran. MYP 2(C) displayed facts about Argentina and their favourite game football. MYP2 (B) students made a website based on the evidences about Mexico. They also performed a role play. Zara, a student of MYP 2(D), played Arabian music on piano. The students showcased Gymnastics, prepared recipes and were dressed up in costumes of the country Jordan. Rudra, a student of MYP 3(A) learnt two recipes of Austria and prepared ‘Dumplings’ and ‘Coleslaw Sandwich’. The students also displayed Aerobics. The MYP 3 (B) students presented details about the food, costume, technology and revolution in Cuba. The MYP 3 (C) worked on Romania. MYP 3(D) served tea at ‘Atio Tea Stall’ and showcased the country of Morocco. MYP 2(A) students represented inter-cultural awareness, international mindedness and made models about Egypt.  The students of MYP 1(B) sung the National Anthem of Costa Rica. Brazil, Tajikistan, Indonesia and Kenya were few other countries on which the students used ATL skills to exhibit knowledge. The results were as follows:

  • 1st position – Finland represented by MYP 5(A)
  • 2nd position – Venezuela represented by DP 1
  • 3rd position – Egypt represented by MYP 1(A)

It was a truly a brilliant display of what fine coordination in teaching and learning of IB ATL skills are and how could they be used to be an answer finder to every problems in life. A very successful day indeed and the students were appreciated for their dedication and hard work.

They exhibited that to be an IB student, how different they were, in real sense, where they explored the issues and SWOT analysis of chosen countries through the acquired application of ATL skills.