Celebrating the Completion of 22 Glorious Years

On the dusk of 5th Jan, celebrating the 126th birth anniversary of Paramahansa Yogananda and 23rd Foundation day, our chief guest Ms. Swapna Ghosh was compelled by an inner drive and couldn’t resist herself from writing this piece of art-

Courage to be Free, Break all Shackles

On the 5th of Jan, 126 years anon
Heavens ripped asunder, a light brightly shone
A star fell on earth, a Master, a Yogi was born

From this material mire, all souls to save
To transcend to divinity, lessons he gave
A truly enlightened soul, a man proficient in many arts
His moral, ethical sermons ignited many hearts

One of Master’s true disciples had a guided vision
Upliftment of children and youth became his mission
True wisdom and teaching of ancient sages
Were added to technology and scientific knowledge

An idea took shape, a school was born
To break all shackles of traditions, to usher a new morn
To create true men and women, on 6th of Jan
A path breaking institution, its journey began

Thus the disciple brought from darkness to light
The unduly burdened, oppressed children’s plight
Each child was a treasure, trove of talents and skill
They should be nurtured, honed to perfection at will

How many seeds in an apple? Every one can say
But how many apples in one seed? No answers till today
Each child is a seed filled with tremendous possibilities
Efforts are made to perfect their various abilities

Each child was set on the right path to win
Discovering their inner power from within
Inner discipline of Truth and positive, overall training
Will mould true citizens, emancipated human beings

On this auspicious occasion, to the Almighty we pray
May all glory, all success, come the V K E way?

We are delighted and proud to announce the completion of 22 Glorious years of successful ‘Schooling and Education’. Standing tall and stepping into its 23rd year, since its inception on the 6th of Jan 1997, is definitely a reason to celebrate, to rejoice and to feel a sense of achievement. The program was initiated with the lighting of Diya. Along with our President, Sir Robbin Ghosh and Saarada Ma’am, we had a very experienced educator, an examiner for All India Board Examinations, a renowned Script writer and most importantly, a beautiful human being Ms. Swapna Ghosh, sister of Sir Robbin Ghosh, as our special guest to grace the occasion, with her warm presence.

Sir Robbin Ghosh had a message, a vision to build an ‘Institution’ where learning is rich with our spiritual heritage of Vedanta, keeping pace with the knowledge of the advancements in Western Science, to prepare our children to face problems joyfully, and solve effortlessly. The message permeated from the Voice of Swami Vivekananda, “Education for Character, is what is required for Punya Bhumi Bharat ~ our Mother India”. His guiding flame of realization is a message, “You cannot teach a child, any more than you can grow a plant. Education is manifestation of the Divinity, of the perfection, of the secret power from within.”

The school came into existence, as an answer, as a reminder of the lost Kingdom, to the need of the millennium, to help our children discover the secret power from within and use it to help families, societies and make this Earth a better place to live in. To rediscover the lost perfection of ~ The Greatness of Humanity.

From a tiny seed, the school is now turned into a giant tree with its deeper and stronger roots. At Victorious Kidss Educares, we are raising beautiful caring children and instilling in them the concept of ‘learning to love to learn’. We all stand here today enveloped in the beauty, grace and creativity of all forces that make this school what it is.

There was a cake cutting ceremony, just like any other birthday celebration.

Like every year, we invited senior citizens from Sandhya Old Age Home, located in Camp. There was a music and dance event planned and performed by the students of MYP, where they engaged everyone. A token of gift was given to them as a memoir. On this auspicious day, faculty members who have completed 3 years or more with the organization were awarded with a certificate of appreciation. A moment of worshiping The Divine Mother, a Yagna, a Puja was performed, dedicated to express our sincere gratitude ‘To the Supreme’ in school premise, which was followed by a lavish lunch arranged for the entire VKE family, including teaching, non-teaching and supporting staff.

The mission of Victorious Kidss Educares is

~To rediscover the lost kingdom of the perfection, of the excellence of mankind, ~To have a connection with the infinite creative power of the Universe within,

~To be aware of how that power is always protecting us, in every moment of our lives,

~To understand the power of ‘Truth’ and establish firmly in their own life,

~To create an ambience, where the children through freedom, could realize the inner power where everything is possible

~To achieve International Mindedness to make this world a better place to live in.

This tremendous energy is locked up within every child, who has the power to create affluence, abundance of not just material world but also to create peace within and spread it wherever we are. And easily and effortlessly pick up the wealth of this Universe through an understanding of connectedness. Attain competitiveness and academic success through “World Class Education”.

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