Ahan Jain ~ A budding talent from PYP

At Victorious Kidss Educares, an IB World School, we teach children how to think, not what to think. Ahan Jain, a budding talent from PYP4 shows his amazing artwork and creative writing. Truly astonished to see his ingenious writing skills and the way he is putting his thoughts and imagination into words. Ahan has proved it right, “Everything that you imagine, you can do…And whatever you dream will come true”. He is an artist plus writer, both are indicative of his imagination skills. Would you not agree, children should be allowed to imagine, to dream, and to follow their thoughts? Unleashing such hidden talent from within is Schooling, is Parenting.

Reflection from Ahan’s mother ~ Ahan is a born artist. he loves to do artwork in free time. Ahan also loves to write a story from his own imagination. He is inspired by the book ‘Captain Underpants’ and ‘Tom Gates’. Hopefully he will write more beautiful creations in future. Thanks to VKE philosophy and teachers for opening his imagination wings.

Story Written by Ahan ~ The Bird Who Couldn’t Sing!

In a city of France used to live a bird name Biny. She was very good at flying .but at the singing she was just awful and very embarrassed about her song which she was singing. She decided to participate in the competition once she heard about the contest. When she was singing, she sang very discordantly. Nobody liked her singing, and everybody was cracking jokes on her. Then she participated in the flying competition, and she won. She participated in more flying competitions and won with accolades. When she was at home, her friend ben came for play, and then they decided to play outside and collect the leaves, and the whole day they enjoyed a lot. Ben got very tired and went to her house and slept with the cozy leaf which, she collected while playing. The next day morning, they saw two notices.

Notice no 1:- There is a singing competition in the forest.

Notice no 2:-There are five to seven hunters in the jungle to hunt birds

There was a big thump outside; it was hunters. The hunter was destroying the houses and killing birds with their guns. But then there was a kind lady who threw seeds on the hunters, and birds started pricking them from their beak, and hunters ran away. And that’s how they got rescued from the evil hunters.  Now the time came for the singing competition in the forest. Biny decided to participate in singing. When it was her turn, she again sang discordantly, and everybody threw stones on her and started crying but then she decided to call a singing trainer. From the day after tomorrow, I am going to take your training. They were chatting for a long time Biny shared her singing story in the contest and call over .phew. After two days, it was the day to sing with the trainer. The trainer called Biny. Then she told her to come to the training center, and we will sing. So she brushed, took a bath, and ate breakfast.

Then she went to the trainer. When Biny was singing with the trainer, she sang like a crow then the trainer told her to close eyes and breathe in 100 times. Relax and be cool now sing La la lalalalalalall laaaaaaaaaaa . The trainer said, her mesmerizing singing Biny keep it up do more practice. Biny got surprised she was so happy. The trainer said you don’t need my help. Because you are a singing machine and you can go home. Biny was excited. She said thanks, ma’am. She went to her house she watched TV for twenty minutes. Somebody knocked on biny’s door. She said, who is it? It is me, the mailman. Biny opened the door and took the mail. It was the mail from the trainer. She became so happy and excited to read.

Dear Biny,

Tomorrow night there is a singing contest.

I am looking for your participation. 

Good luck.



Biny thought I had done better singing in last time at the training center. She started to practice so she can do well in the contest. The next day she packed her bag and went to the singing competition waiting for her turn. The announcer announces the next participant is Biny. She was all set and sang melodiously; she sang like a cuckoo. Everyone was clapping and praising about her singing. Now bird from other territories came to take autograph. And she was very happy and learned after doing practice, we can achieve our goal. THE END.


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