Annual Day ~ PYP1 & Sr. KG

Oprah Winfrey once said that the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. When your child’s dreams are anchored to a clear vision and driven by their interests, they will be motivated to discover their inner and yet hidden potential, the answer to success and make better efforts! We at Victorious Kidss Educares believe, if we ignite this in our children, to DREAM, they can reach for the stars. The theme for the Annual Day is based on the same lines –

Dreams do come true. All they need is you!

The program initiated with the arrival of esteemed chief guest, Mr. Clinton Fernandes, a renowned musician. Clinton had performed around 100 shows for Kingfisher Voice of Goa. Thereafter in Pune, he won the Best Metal Vocalist award at YOUTHOPIA – Battle of Bands. He is a singer and a song writer, an award-winning artist who has represented India in Italy. As the stage got lit, everyone was awed to see the mesmerizing beauty of the stage. The PYP 1 students fueled the ambience further with a choir setup, and rocked the stage with their sweet voice. TOI Digital Coverage

The journey of Annual show was taken forward by a few drama enthusiast champs of VKE who took all audience through the series of performances lined ahead, relating childhood days with the dreams.With role play, songs and dances, the young champions beautifully expressed themselves. There were group dance performances on “You’re Beautiful” and “Chiki Chiki Bum Bum”, “Chak de India” and “La La La” football song by cute dancers of Senior KG, that left audience foot tapping.

After the series of dances, parents got privileged to hear wise words of advice and a beautiful song with guitar play by our chief guest. The program of Senior kindergarten was culminated with an exotic chair dance that left the audience stunned and applauding.

The daring drama explorers came back with all excitement and determination to make their dreams come true. They took a final oath together to have more adventures and make more memories. They guided the event further with their gusto and velocity. Now came the budding PYP1 artists with their performances, the first one was a Bharatanatyam fusion dance performance by PYP1 students. The dance was followed by the words of wisdom by our guiding star, by a speaker who inspires, a wise soul who helps us turn our distress into happiness with his words of recourse every single time ~ Sir Robbin Ghosh.

He said Victorious Kidss Educares was founded with an intention to create ‘an ideal learning environment ~ as was foretold by the ancient Masters and guided by Swami Vivekananda ~ where the knowledge of this character building pedagogy of IB is catalyzed with the ancient wisdom of the Vedanta. The goal is to cultivate the spiritual aspects in a child’s Character so that s/he can make this world a better place to live. He always advice the students of VKE to follow these three principals,

  • First ~ Don’t tell lies, hold on to truth. Truth shall always make you win.
  • Second ~ Believe in The Supreme Power of Unified Field, Cosmic Energy or God ~ call him by any name you like.
  • Third ~ Have faith in your own self. Always trust and believe in the supreme power, which is within you, around you, to help you achieve absolutely anything, including your dreams.

Ghosh Sir spoke about non-duality; the truth is we are all one. He said, “If I take away the gold, the ornaments would vanish. If I take away the water from ocean, the ocean and all the waves would disappear. The water in the ocean alone is true. If I take away the clay from the pot, the pot too will cease to exist? If I take away the ‘Self’ from within, you and I too would vanish. The truth is within each one of us. We need to become aware of this power within, which allows to ‘dream’.

Sir encouraged the parents, grandparents, children and their teachers to dream and dream big! He quoted from ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ ~ “All men and women dream. The wake up in the recesses of the night, to say, ‘Oh! It was only a dream. But dangerous are the men and women, who dream during the day and dream with their eyes open. Because they make their dreams come true. He quoted few examples, to ascertain the power of dream, in the heart of all present. Examples like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Henry Ford, Donald Disney, etc.

The program continued further with energetic performances by young champions on song “Mission Mangal” and “Udgaye”. Next in the row was the beautiful belle dance performance by flower girls, who left everyone overwhelmed with their flawless moves. It felt like the poetry of footsteps, on a blend of cosmic tune and divine music. The next one was a Mirror dance by children of 6-7 years on the peppy numbers, “zoobi doobi” and “wo ladki hei kaha”. The audience couldn’t stop clapping for their exceptionally spirited and swift movements.

Then came the “Finale” dance that left the stage rocking and glittering with the shining stars, the drama team and the choir singers. The little angels looked so charming and pure that everyone was captivated. It was truly a super energetic and unforgettable evening for everyone present with the message that, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer, always remember you have within you, the strength, the patience, the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”.

All present went with the message, “Do be careful with what you dream, because they come true. Dream fearlessly, dream big. All the dreams need TO MANIFEST IN TO REALITY ~ is ~ YOU!

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