Victorious Kidss Educares celebrated Children’s day on 14th November 2016 with fun and frolic.

The celebration was like a picture out of a beautiful story book. Children enjoyed a day which will be cherished by them forever; while teachers reminisced the exciting memories of their childhood.

The amazing participation of the children in every activity was a boost of confidence for the teachers who went to great lengths to make this event successful. Apart from special grade-wise performances by teachers, every class organized potluck lunch in collaboration with parents. Tattoo making, DJ with live music and movie time were also organized. The teachers dressed up as book/ story characters and the corridors of the school were brimming with fairies and witches, princes and princesses, superheroes and fancy comic characters. The corridors actually sprang up to life, when all the teachers dressed up splendidly in character costumes in the character parade. The children cheered and waved as the trail of magical characters passed by the classes.

Overall, the teachers made a lasting impact on all the children. It was like a huge party that lasted all day long, leaving our students happy and radiant! They went home carrying the joy of togetherness and freedom, reveling in the true spirit of Children’s Day!