Achievers of MYP Graduating (Class 2017-18)

Congratulations Futuristic Youths of VKE & Congratulations Proud Parents

Dear Parents, Dear Youths of Tomorrow,
Warm Greetings from Victorious Kidss Educares, we all stand proud of you.
The fruits of the hard work of the parents, teachers and students are reaped through the results. We are delighted to share that our school has once again achieved the perfect record in the MYP E-Assessments. We want to personally congratulate our graduating class of 2017-18. What we can assertively claim is that students will recognize the benefits of IB education once they are in college and understand the dynamics of all that they have studied
This journey began with a student-centric approach that created a new spark in the entire process. Valuing the diversity of cultures and perspectives that exist in local, national and global communities, working hard at enriching the diverse approaches to teaching, broadening our explorations of learner-centered practices that benefit inquiry based teaching and learning; designing our curriculum, getting various topics together and making teaching and learning transdisciplinary has been very interesting and rewarding. The goal has always been clear to us – our focus has been the process and the learning experience.
The collaborative planning of MYP and DP teachers, the short term and long term evolution of our teaching and learning practices, the field trips, guest lectures, Monday morning meetings, trainings, the entire supportive environment has enabled our students to take ownership of their learning. We have gone to great lengths to consider, ways to enhance engagement and skill building in classrooms. ‘Setting own goals’ and taking every opportunity to ‘reflect on’ and ‘evaluate work’ has become a regular affair and this will be ingrained in the minds of students for life now. This has always been the essential ingredient of VKE philosophy and the school ethos.

Many aspects, one cohesive experience – Learner profile attributes, Key and related concepts – which are used as vehicles to inquire into issues and ideas of personal, local and global significance, Teaching and learning in Global contexts, Statement of Inquiry, Inquiry and questions, approaches to learning, Teacher and student reflections, Language and identity, MYP projects, Community projects, Personal projects, MYP e-assessments, Action, Service…are all filled with OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH.
This process is not just a brand, it’s a philosophy, a concept ~ which has been deeply embedded in the teachers and students and that makes us stand out amongst the other IB schools. This definitely differentiates our faculty with the rest.

We are deeply honoured by the trust you have shown in us- Thank you for being part of the VKE family. ‘When you choose IB, you have already chosen to break away from conventional methods and decide to develop your child holistically. You have chosen to equip your young millennial to be a global citizen. We are working towards preparing children for 2028. We are in our 21st year of creating a value based education to ensure holistic development of our children.

The Vedanta education along with IB Curriculum gives every child an opportunity to excel in his/her own way, thereby tapping the immense potential they have. This also prepares the young mind not only to overcome the challenges of life but also with other skills of life, facets of greater human character ~ which include humanity, love and compassion towards other beings, thereby empowering them for life. We can confidently claim that an IB programme is not difficult, but yes, it is an academic challenge. IB students will be able to outperform students wherever they go in future. The impact of the programme is best exemplified, through their performance on the global level where we have achieved results higher than international benchmarks set by other schools.
We attach herewith the Average Score and World Wide Score Data to this parental note published by IB.
We are divinely lead by the guiding words of Swami Vivekananda:
“We want that education, by which, character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand proudly on one’s own feet.”

We would particularly like to congratulate the Top Performers of Victorious Kidss Educares who have achieved the outstanding and stellar results.
Tasneem Godhrawala – 52/56
Karan Shah – 51/56
Iliyan Hariyani – 51/56
Nemish Laddad – 49/56
Prathana Shankar – 49/56

We thank you for your continuous support and look forward to achieving higher and more extraordinary targets for the coming years, for our children.
Warm Regards,

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