Two Teams From VKE ~ Cruise Into National Finals

Rudraaunsh Pandhe ~ Broke The World’s Best Reaction Time Record

Team Black Hawks and Team Koronis of Victorious Kidss Educares have been selected for the Nationals. Feather in the cap is the achievement of Rudraaunsh Pandhe, an MYP 3 (Grade VIII) student, who was awarded for his record-breaking prominence to claim the ‘best reaction time’ by .002 second. The earlier visual record was 0.120 seconds in the F1 in Schools competition. Rudraaunsh scored 0.118 second. The National championship would be held, sometime in April this year, in New Delhi. Bravo ~ Victorious Kidss Educares champions, who astounded everyone in an F1 in Schools, West India Regional Championship, held at Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Dahisar on 8th, 9th February 2020. F1 in Schools is the global education program that raises awareness of STEM and Formula 1 among school children.

VKE Champions of MYP were grouped into 4 teams, Black Hawks, Lightning Pacers, Oscars and Koronis to take part in the competition. The essential training for the students has started early in the school campus, since November 2019. Keeping in mind the austere requirement and peculiar outlines of the competition, the students had meticulously designed their aerodynamic F1 car. The miniature air-powered F1 car is designed using Autodesk Fusion 360 Software which later on was tested in CFD software in the school itself. Through the competition, the students learn to make a business plan, manage budgets, and raise sponsorships to fund their research, travel and accommodation. These cars are then pitted against each other in a 24-metre track to determine the fastest one. The competition considers all-round performance among other aspects to judge the winners.

The effulgence of the competition, however, allowed the students to ascender their miniature F1 cars for further portfolio design and enterprising. Each team of individual have assigned themselves with separate roles such as ~ Team manager, Designer, Graphic Designer, Manufacturing Manager, Marketing manager and so on and so forth in order to support the glory of raising team spirit and winning.
Our MYP students who participated through the four teams are Aryaman Roongta, Rudraaunsh Pandhe, Shabbir Koser, Rajveer Ratnam, Naisha Deshpande, Rohan Basava, Roniet Shende, Shiksha Mohan, Sweekriti Gupta, Arjun Patil, Dia Gerwal, Pratham Pandey, Aryan Gandhi, Raahil Vasa, Devvik Agarwal, Aadi Karnavat, Anagh Tanwar, Caitlyn Pereira and Ojas Chandegave.
The teams were convincingly monitored by Mr Vishal Dutta and Mrs Jyoti Bahl and precisely coordinated by Mr Irfan Sheikh. They helped the students in their orientation and design and also benefited them in running their projects successfully in the school.

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