21st Foundation Day of Victorious Kidss Educares

On Friday, 6 January 2017, Victorious Kidss Educares celebrated its ‘Foundation Day’ on the successful completion of twenty years (20) glorious years of ‘teaching, learning & a unique pedagogy of educational journey. The school was commended nationally from the center as well as from International Forum for making ‘significant contributions towards reforming National Education’.

The whole school was exquisitely decorated with flowers and vibrant colors. All the teachers and staff members had coordinated in colors of maroon, green and brown. The celebrations began with a welcome dance followed by a presentation on the school’s journey since inception till 2016. The senior most members of the school shared their thoughts and experiences, over the last decades of experiences.

Everyone took pride in knowing how tremendously the school has evolved in the past years. A quiz about the developments of the school was organized in which the teachers and staff participated enthusiastically. There was joy, laughter, fun and frolic in the air. Every one had a beautiful and a natural smile.

The Programme continued with a thumping dance performance by the teachers, followed by the cutting of the cake. A ‘VKE Pyramid’ was constructed by the hands of important members of every department in the school that have journeyed with the school throughout.

The teachers and staff, who served the school for more than a decade and also for those just over five (5) years, were felicitated with certificates for their loyalty, dedication and commitment. A short, well choreographed video film of the school, left everyone spellbound and amazed. The Programme concluded with a speech by the President, Robbin Ghosh, motivating everyone present to “Read a lot, Meditate more and Think of God all the time”. He implored that meditation brings out the potential hidden within you. He emphasized that every child is a Hero and we as parents and teachers must encourage them to become great Heroes. He said everything is possible. If you can think of it, you can do it, only through you.

In the pre noontime there was a function in the school premise for the residents of an old aged home. Our students had organized dance performances especially for them and they were offered snacks, followed by lunch. There was a smile on everyone’s faces. The Heavenly Father, Mother, our beloved Friend had with Divine gratefulness provided for each one from the old age home, with some items of utility to help them remember the Glory & Grace of God.

There was a platter of sumptuous lunch organized for all the attendees, the old age home residents, the teachers, the helping nursemaids, the staff and advisors of the school. Food was different and specially the sweet dishes. Everyone enjoyed their meal and continued their day in contentment and joy.