International Schools Sports Association (ISSA)

211 students of Victorious Kidss Educares (VKE) participated in the International Schools Sports Association (ISSA) held at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, Pune. This was conducted on the 19th, 20th and 21st of January 2017, we had 125 students from MYP and 86 from PYP, both girls and boys who participated in the competition. Our champions competed against players from Indus School, Global Indian International School, St. Peter’s School from Panchgani, DY Patil School, BK Birla School and MIT Gurukul. Our students bagged a chunk of 134 Medals.

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Victorious Kidss Educares - ISSA Results

Sr.No.Students NamePhotoClass/DivEventsPlace
1Tejaswin Rajan TejaswiDP2BasketballGold
2Aditya Shetty adityaDP2BasketballGold
3Parthu Koppanna parthuDP2BasketballGold
4Arjun Ghule arjunDP2BasketballGold
5Daksh Sharma dakshDP2BasketballGold
6Neel Pezarkar neelDP2BasketballGold
7Kaif Kutchwala kaifDP1BasketballGold
Sr.No.Students NamePhotoClass/DivEventsPlace
1Isha Apte ishaMYP 5BBasketballSilver
2Rujula Shetty rujulaMYP 4BBasketballSilver
3Prathana Shankar prathnaMYP 4BBasketballSilver
4Tasneem Godrawala tasneemMYP 4BBasketballSilver
5Saanvi Shetty saanviMYP 4ABasketballSilver
6Srawani Matwad srawaniMYP 4ABasketballSilver
7Unika Arora unikaMYP 3BBasketballSilver
Sr.No.Students NamePhotoClass/DivisionEventsPlace
1Krutik Shitole krutikaMYP 4AFootballGold
2Prathana Shankar prathnaMYP 4BFootballGold
3Sakshi Kawade sakshiMYP 4BFootballGold
4Tasneem Godrawala tasneemMYP 4BFootballGold
5Saanvi Shetty saanviMYP 4AFootballGold
6Rujula Shetty rujulaMYP 4FootballGold
Sr.No.Students NamePhotoClass/DivisionEventsPlace
1Gayatri Sahaay gayatriMYP 3BFootballGold
2Zara Poria zaraMYP 1DFootballGold
3Anisha Kudale anishaMYP 3AFootballGold
4Ritika Singh ritikaMYP 3BFootballGold
5Tanishka Shah tanishkaMYP 2CFootballGold
6Ambe Jain ambeMYP 2CFootballGold
Sr.No.Students NamePhotoClass/DivisionEventsPlace
1Ishan Palliwal ishanMYP 2DTable TennisGold
2Purabh Mittal purabhMYP 3CTable TennisGold
3Aarpit Agrawal aarpitMYP 1BTable TennisGold
Sr.No.Students NamePhotoClass/DivisionAge groupEventsPlace
1.Vivaan Sejpal vivaanPYP 2BUnder – 850 metersSilver
2.Adarsh Dinesh adarshPYP 3BUnder – 880 metersSilver
3.Shivam Mahajan shivamPYP 3DUnder – 880 MetersBronze
4.Akruti Gupta akrutiPYP 2BUnder – 850 MetersSilver
5.Sachi Mundada sachiPYP 4AUnder – 880 MetersGold
6.Tejaswini Munot tejaswaniPYP 4EUnder – 880 MetersSilver
7.Abhimanu Vyakar abhimanyuPYP 5CUnder 1080 MetersBronze
8.Srishti Tottapali srishtiPYP 4EUnder 1050 MetersGold
9.Parinita Thayyil pranitaPYP 5AUnder 10100 MetersGold
10.Ruchita Tupe ruchitaPYP 5DUnder 10100 MetersSilver
Long jumpBronze
50 metersSilver
11.Rujuta Patil rujutaPYP 5EUnder 10100 MetersBronze
Long jumpGold
12.Chaanv singh chaanyPYP 5AUnder 10Long jumpSilver
13.Vishwajeet Walke vishwajeetPYP 5DUnder-10Long JumpSilver
100 Meters
14.Shreyash Gogawale shreyashPYP 5EUnder 10Long JumpGold
100 MetersGold
15.Pramath Trivedi pramathPYP 5EUnder 10100 MetersSilver
16.Aaryan Kand aaryanMYP 2AUnder-12Long JumpGold
200 MetersBronze
17.Zara Poria zaraMYP 1DUnder-12100 MetersSilver
200 MetersGold
Relay 4*100Silver
18.Neil Sawant neilMYP 3 BUnder-14100 MetersGold
200 MetersSilver
Relay 4*100Silver
19.Samarth Jadhav samarthMYP 3 CUnder-14100 MetersBronze
200 MetersBronze
Relay 4*100Silver
Long jumpBronze
20.Kshitij Palekar kshitijMYP 3 AUnder-14Shot putBronze
21.Avinash Leonardo avinashMYP 3 AUnder-14400 MetersBronze
Relay 4*100Silver
22.Nemish Laddad nemishMYP 4BUnder-144*100 m RelaySilver
23.Dishita Bera dishitaMYP 2 DUnder-124*100M RELAYSilver
24.Akansha Pansare akanshaMYP 2DUnder-124*100M RELAYSilver
25.Prerna Tagad prernaMYP 2 CUnder-14400 MetersBronze
Relay 4*100Silver
26.Anushka Shetty anushkaMYP 3 CUnder-14Long jumpSilver
27.Tanishka Shah tanishkaMYP 2 CUnder-14Shot putSilver
28.Ambe Jain ambeMYP 2 CUnder-14200 MetersBronze
29.Snehal Gaikwad snehalMYP 2 DUnder-174*100M RELAYSilver
30.Prathana Shankarprathana shankarMYP 4BUnder-174*100M RELAYBronze
31.Saanvi Shetty saanviMYP 4AUnder-174*100M RELAYBronze
32.Shrawani Matwad shrawaniMYP 4AUnder-174*100M RELAYBronze
33.Kaif Kutchwala kaifDP1Under-194*100M RELAYBronze
34.Neel Pezarkar neelDP 2Under-194*100M RELAYBronze
35.Arjun Ghule arjunDP 2Under-194*100M RELAYBronze
36.Tejaswin Rajan tejaswinDP 2Under-194*100M RELAYBronze