On Saturday, the 25th of June 2016, Victorious Kidss Educares celebrated the birthday of its Founder and President, Sir Robbin Ghosh. The campus of VKE was elegantly decorated with flowers and balloons and the whole place was filled with fervor.

Our respected President, Robbin Ghosh Sir was welcomed amidst an ambiance of a blue lit entrance surrounded by a dreamlike haze, depicting his life’s entire journey as if in a dream. The program began with a heartfelt greeting a beautiful Bengali dance performance. This was followed by a well-knit drama through some story tellers depicting the story of Sir’s life. Even though, it appears to most, as if it is a dream and unbelievable achievement for most. But Sir has always given us the message as he did on his birthday, “The power to change one’s present condition and live in eternal happiness, is the birthright of everyone. We have to certainly, make the effort for which we were born as ‘ humans’, as God’s very own children. He spread the message to all, “Live with truth and regain that knowledge of happiness, which is within us. Live your life through ‘Tapas’ – practices without a break and right living with moderation, exercise control, make sacrifices. These sacrifices make you more powerful, beyond imagination.”

The program was continued with two well-choreographed western dance performances and was concluded by Sir’s speech. He thanked everyone for making this day a memorable one. The cake cutting ceremony was held in the presence of the children, parents, teachers and other staff members the school, and was then distributed to all.

Sir was presented with flowers and good wishes by students, parents and staff members, throughout the day. A delicious lunch was organized for all the teachers, staff and the entire support staff and the Devotees. The Divine Mother, God and Guru, through the school, sent some rice, lentil, cow ghee to Ramakrishna Belur & Pune Math, Saarda Math, some very prominent temples, the poor, the destitute and the supporting guards, maids and to other members. It was an unforgettable Founder’s Day which left a smile on every face.