Sports Days at Victorious Kidss Educares

Victorious Kidss Educares organized Sports Days for their students and teachers on the 19, 20 and 21 of December 2016. Each and everyone was charged up with full vigour and enthusiasm. The events started with an oath taking and a motivational talk by our President, Robbin Ghosh. As the games and races started, the school was buzzing with wild cheer and fun. Students were driven to participate with all their might to achieve laurels.

The events were:

  1. Flat race
  2. Jump ball
  3. Dodge ball
  4. Swimming
  5. 5. Skating races
  6. Throw ball
  7. Football
  8. Hockey
  9. Three legged race
  10. Relay

For the participants every moment was energetic and every second was precious. There was a spirit of healthy competence spread amongst all the players. The winners were jumping merrily and reveling in their triumphs. They were on the fields with the sole purpose of playing and having fun. It’s true that every game teaches you to forego your inhibitions and have fun – no matter you win or lose. There were also a few sports lovers, who simply stood aside and cheered for their preferred teams and their buddies. Their role was in no way trifling, as true appreciation always drives us to perform better. All in all, the purpose of Sports Day was to promote fitness of body, which in turn causes a healthy mind and spirit. This was truly visible at VKE through the discipline and sportsmanship displayed by our students.

The freedom which is showered upon our children, is to inculcate fearlessness and yet develop an inner discipline, with every laurel that they achieved to race to the office of the President, the Principal and their Coordinators offices, to receive acknowledgment and glory. Even those children who did not receive their awards, because of not able to achieve the mark, received appreciation from the Heads, for their healthy participation and keenness to join and play with freedom and fun. These are the children of Victorious Kidss Educares, who have been guided to change the perspective of academic institution and be good human beings of tomorrow, with muscles of iron and nerves of steel.