Founder’s Day 2019

Every morning at VKE we experience peace, beauty and serenity. This is because of a Divine Grace, showering upon all children, parents and staff, working within. At Victorious Kidss Educares, by the principles of great Masters and knowledge of Vedanta, we believe, that each soul is divine. Similar is, one such divine soul ~ who took an earthly form, many decades ago, on this day of June 25th. He was destined and guided by the Grace alone, to crystalize, what our Mother Nature willed? He is none other than our guiding star, Robbin Ghosh Sir. He is the founder, visionary and the President of our school. He is like a dense tree; we all blossom under his shadow. We are a family. The family is like a tree. We all, like branches, grow in different directions, but we all have “One Root?” The stage was decorated based on the same idea. Sir practices heartfulness, spreading joy, light and compassion with every life, he comes across.
To celebrate his journey of nurturing and igniting young minds, we celebrate Founder’s Day every year. The school was decorated with flowers, artifacts, ribbons and laces, the ambience was glorifying. The cultural morning started with a musical expression of the vision of our school. With the unveiling of school’s official anthem, a live rendition of it was presented by our Music Team. The glorious music release for the school anthem added an admiring smile to all witnessing faces.

All the VKE’s glorious celebrations are enriched with cultural elements, next in the row was an invocatory Bharatnatyam performance. The dance enacted how we all seek blessings from Lord Ganesha to overcome all the obstacles in life. The piece had intricate footwork set to the beats of mridangam. The grace of dance performance left everyone inspired and applauding.
Next, there was a game where our anchors narrated few short stories and asked the audience to participate actively. There were few jigsaw pieces with some essential qualities written on them. Anchors narrated stories around those qualities and asked volunteers to pick the most relevant jigsaw piece and arrange it on stage. The jigsaw pieces read as Will Power, Spirituality, Self-discipline, Fearless, Patience and Passion. When all these pieces were put together, it was beautifully transformed into an exquisite and unique picture whom we all love, Sir Robbin Ghosh. Audience couldn’t discontinue clapping and cheering at this wonderful scenario.

Next in the row, was a semi classical kathak dance performance by teachers. Performed on “Ghar more pardesiyaan”, the group dancers ignited the stage with their moves. To break the typical stage performance traits, a crazy ball game was played amongst the spectators, who also felt their participation, and enjoyed pushing the ball away. Whosoever had the ball when music stopped had to answer a question on funny note. To switch the mood and raise the ambient vigor to the highest, the Dancers of VKE put forth a rejuvenating, hysterical and roaring freestyle fusion dance performance, that included few teachers and the choreographers. The dance on ‘I am alive’ took everyone on flying mode.
Next came the group dance by our own champions who carried the level of enthusiasm even higher, by dancing to a combination of Hip-Hop and Freestyle. The energy and synchrony displayed by all the groups was so amazing, that it awed and left everyone mesmerized, clapping and tapping to the beats. It was followed by a social cause, a Green Drive initiated on Sir’s Birthday by distribution of a box of seed balls. Seed balls, also known as “earth balls” consist of a variety of different seeds rolled within a ball of clay. Everyone received a box and happily became the part of Green Drive. The program continued, with the Cake cutting ceremony, everyone wished Sir with the Birthday Song. Anchors asked Sir to spread few words of wisdom. His speech, his spirituality, his aura is always so inspiring for everyone.
Sir asked everyone to meditate and unleash the hidden potential from within. He gave the example of a spider. Just as a tiny spider creates a giant web around it from within itself, we all too have enormous capability. Spiders start and believe in their natural ability. So believe in yourself, be aware of your own potential, and nothing is impossible.
“You cannot believe in God, until you believe in yourself” – Swami Vivekananda

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