How is Anshumaan Laddad spending his time creatively during the Lockin?

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your day!”

Anshumaan Laddad is a student of Victorious Kidss Educares who believes in the holistic development of the overall self and inculcates the best of mental and physical abilities from his environment as, not a habit, but a way of life. He is in the sixth grade, a student of MYP1 Inquirers, but his temperamental coolness and his maturity are years beyond his time. In fact, he has been commended for the same in a variety of social and educational circuits throughout the city. Just like most students reading this, he also affirms the fact that the yearning to set himself down in front of the television all day is huge. But, he also believes that this time is an excellent opportunity to do things with his family that he always wanted to. He also believes that this time is right for further development of himself. 

To begin with, music is an important part of Anshumaan’s life. Music is scientifically proven to help develop the brain, and help in improving the lucidity of the conversation while providing screen-less entertainment. Furthermore, he also enjoys a powerful skill set of musical instruments he can play, including the drum kit, the bass drum, the snare drum, the tabla, the piano, and is now learning the classical guitar. He enjoys jam sessions with his family members playing other instruments during the evenings, where students his age generally have the blues of playing outside. Continuing, Anshumaan realizes the importance of sport and fitness in his life but also keeps making his health and fitness regimes interesting. He has played district level football as a goalkeeper and continues practicing this with his father and elder brother, all of whom have represented their schools at the district level in football. He also enjoys playing cricket, badminton, and a variety of gully games that help him keep his fitness. Anshumaan is an avid follower of both Football and Cricket. In Football, he is a die-hard supporter of the Spanish club, F. C. Barcelona. On any given day, he will know most of the facts about the stellar players who have donned the club’s jersey. 

For his mental development, Anshumaan also enjoys playing chess, and card games with his family. Anshumaan is an excellent player of the Evan’s Gambit, the Lasker Trap, and the Fishing Pole trap and enjoys checkmating his opponents using all three of these immensely. He is also currently learning the Urusov Gambit and the Poison Prawn Trap. All of this, he believes, helps increase his analytical abilities and his foresight in challenging situations. 

Finally, Anshumaan wouldn’t be half the person he is with ought his good-natured ability. Apart from doing activities that improve himself as a person, he also tends to help around the house, fully understanding why hired help cannot come. He waters the plants in the periphery of the house, he helps in cooking, clears up his room and the dining table, and is always ready to help any family member of his in any way. He says, it’s in his moral duty to do so.

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