IBDP Results 2019

Celebrating Victorious Success!

Victorious Kidss Educares adds yet again another glorious feather to its academic cap! We are delighted to share our proud moment and congratulate the graduating class of 2019 for a brilliant set of IB Diploma Programme results. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to students, teachers and parents who have dedicated themselves towards this remarkable success. Our graduating students have already gained successful placements in the best universities across the world.
Continuing the success of the last six years of IBDP results, VKE chooses to announce yet again another moment of glory with the highest score of 42-point distinction out of total 45 points. Additionally, capturing an excellent score of the core component -TOK and EE boosts our credibility, academic merit and showcases the tremendous potential and quality of our teaching and learning environment. This also ensures how well our learners will sustain themselves in a highly competitive global environment with their enhanced critical thinking and analytical skills.

Professionally trained and dedicated educators of VKE, implement an authentic IB pedagogy within an innovative learning environment. The continuous and rigorous collaborative planning of DP teachers includes reflection on teaching and learning through inquiry, approaches to learning, exploring TOK and CAS connections with various subject groups, engaging the learning process in striving to be internationally minded, various teaching and learning strategies for SL and HL of the diploma programme and subsequently deriving research scope for possible extended essay topics. The school’s rigorous approach towards the internal assessments (IAs) which happens to be one of the significant aspects of the IBDP pedagogy, ensures in enabling students to reach the highest-grade points in their external assessments. These practices pave the way for students seeking enrollment in universities across the globe. We equip them with learning practices recognized in various renowned universities across the world.We, being part of a great Indian tradition of Vedic education system and its values, believe in knowledge that leads towards self-realization & freedom of thought.

VKE believes in the holistic development of a student’s personality which focuses on skilled hand, thoughtful and creative mind and a sensitive and humble heart. Along with the views of Vedanta philosophy, the school’s vision promotes value-based education to sustain the student in the 21st century while preparing them to encounter the challenges faced in the contemporary world. The unique blend of a stimulating IB curriculum with Vedanta philosophy enables us to create open-minded individuals with a strong sense of respect for one’s own ways of life and other’s cultures. We can confidently assure their future with ‘lifelong learning’ abilities.

Since the inception of the Diploma Programme, our results consistently compete and outperform the international benchmark set by other schools on a global level. Thus, VKE occupies a significant place among other international schools in Pune. Our high-end infrastructure, along with updated modern technological excellence in the educational domain creates a conducive environment to enhance students’ abilities to uncover the secret power from within. This committed approach of the school reflects in achieving the highest grade points in most of the subjects. We take immense pleasure in declaring that 100 percent of our DP students achieved ‘A’ and ‘B’ grades in Theory of knowledge (TOK) as well as research-orientated performance in Extended Essay (EE) that has retained its set standards.

We would particularly like to congratulate the Top Performers of Victorious Kidss Educares who have achieved these outstanding results.
1. Leena Thawani
2. Bhavika Mittal
3. Arhan Kamath
Once again, we thank our parents, teachers and students for their hard work and determination to achieve this academic excellence. We assure you that the spirit of high achievements will be continued in the coming years.
Congratulations to the VKE Diploma Programme team!

We would particularly like to congratulate the Top Performers of Victorious Kidss Educares who have achieved these outstanding results.

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