Outstanding IBDP Result 2022

Victorious Kidss Educares ecstatically announces the IB Diploma Programme graduating class of 2020-2022 students’ stellar performance in this year’s IBDP results. VKidss Champions have made another breakthrough with 100% results in the IBDP Examinations in May 2022. Their spectacular performance is more exemplary as they worked with the pliability and collaborated effectually in the diverse environment, to overcome the challenges postured by the pandemic.

Keeping with the long-standing track record of VKE of producing exceptional results, Saloni Maniar brought laurels to VKE by fetching a top score of 43 points out of 45 followed by Ananya Nipane with 42 points out of 45 in the IBDP May 2022 examination. The glorious IBDP results accomplished by the 2020-22 graduating cohort of VKE manifest that a hybrid learning alternative to teaching is just as effective as face-to-face learning.

IBDP Result 2022

Eight students of our graduating cohort have scored 40+ points. 100% of the cohort are awarded the prestigious diploma, with a 100% pass rate amongst those who sat for it. Students have shown their remarkable performance in the IBDP examination & came out with flying colours.

Beaming with happiness, the toppers shared their contentment: Saloni Maniar said, “I feel elated about scoring a 43, and I am glad my hard work paid off. My heart is brimming with gratitude towards Sir Robbin Ghosh (School President), Saarada Ghosh (School principal), the DP coordinator, my subject teachers, and career counsellors for their continuous guidance and care, every step to achieve my goal. Victorious Kidss Educares provided an empowering environment where my dream could blossom. I am also grateful to my classmates for giving me moral support throughout my school journey. I would like to thank each and everyone at VKE for giving me unconditional support and opportunities to step on the first rung of the ladder of success. I am overwhelmed by being a proud student of VKE for whatever & wherever I am today. Ananya Nipane, “I am proud to be a girl in STEM and a student at Victorious Kidss Educares. I genuinely believe that the school has given me the creative freedom to explore my interests, and their support played an integral role in shaping my vision for the future. It saddens me to leave the school, but I move on with fond memories.”


In a stint of unparalleled commotion to our education system due to the Novel Coronavirus anomaly in the past 2 years, VKE IBDP champions and staff have shown the true fortitude, skill-set, and resilience that have been reflected in their persistence and learning expeditions in the IB Diploma Programme. It is an exemplification of the backbreaking work of the entire VKE community, who have done their finest to pave the goals for our graduating class of 2022.

We at VKE have not only groomed our students to produce ace grades and scores, but we also have attempted and worked, with each student on enhancing their strengths and reducing their weaknesses. Our Programme heads, coordinators, and teachers handhold students with such Vedantic wisdom that they develop a winning attitude and a quest for knowledge. Conceptual foundation, discipline, humanity, and rigor are part of that process. Inspiring results are then only a natural outcome. We applaud the top scorer but at the same time, we also rejoice and stand by all the other students, each of whom has something significant to put on the table. While results come once a year, learning and self-assessment continue all through the academic years.

Sir Benjamin Franklin has rightly said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

We are extremely blessed to treasure our students to perform exceedingly well, even in challenging times of online or hybrid classes or settling back into physical classroom learning. Their exemplary results prove yet again the calibre of the human cognizance and essence to victory over all odds. Education must serve that larger purpose, grades and scores are just the by-products of that approach. We have constantly upheld the pedagogy that every child is a winner in some unique sense and those attributes need to be acknowledged and celebrated. We at VKE are gratified for all our students especially those who scaled the peaks of success. Yet again,. Teachers and students have left no stone unturned in proving the vision of our school so accurate.

At this proud moment, Sir Robbin Ghosh says, “With months of focussed attention, relentless hard work and ardent vitalities ultimately, arise to fruition, there is so much to express gratitude to Divine Mother of the Universe,. We know that our champions would emerge ‘Victorious’ with their ingrained ethics and character. We know, although the VKE students are well-organized for the competitive global revelation through prolific learning & development, they are also imparted that winning and success becomes important when done with ‘Truth and Purity’. He adds, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. Keeping on and not giving up our dreams would Comprehensively directing knowledge, wisdom, moral values are ingrained in each student with the aim of inculcating superintend and decorous global citizens.”

Every minuscule instant spent by the students at Vkidss is prolifically used in imparting the school’s vision and Vedantic core values, along with the ethos of the IB. Each tangram piece of these countless experiences generates the fresco of a whole child, a true Victorious Kidss. These foretastes make a determination to seize some of those moments that make up this perfect fresco!

While we relish and celebrate the success of our champions in numerous ways, including the fabulous IBDP result, we recognize that these scores are significant in empowering our students to take their next steps. After the IBDP, students may use their results to get unconditional offers from National or international universities. Given its extensive recognizability, the IBDP is an entryway to the top-rated universities in the world.

VKidss believes in captivating students’ vision to the succeeding level of global readiness. Our students are welcomed to the World’s Top Universities every year with excellent scholarships. In fact, a number of the IBDP performers this year, have already secured offer letters from top universities around the world, with scholarships. The 2021-22 batch of students gain acceptance to their universities of choice and are equipped for their post-high school experiences with robust concrete understanding, well-developed proficiencies, and the charisma traits that will lead to success. Our graduates have gone on to attend the World’s top colleges and universities, with Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Dubai, Singapore, Russia, Ireland, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and France drawing our students every year.

We wish our champions all the very best, as they embark on the next leg of their journey towards perfection; and give wings to their dreams to make them a reality.

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