Janmashtami Celebration 2019

Krishna Janmashtami is among the most auspicious occasions of the Hindu tradition where we celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Bhagvan Vishnu on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha.
Victorious Kidss Educares, an IB World School, celebrated Krishna Janmashtami on 24th August 2019 with the inquiring innocence of the children, their Krishna like playfulness, joy, purity of love and devotion. The celebration of Krishna Janmashtami starts with ‘Krishna Bandana’ – an invocation to a holy relation between, as per Hindu religion, the Lord and his disciples.
The entire area inside the school had turned into a sacred garden of heaven where many cute little girls and boys were dancing in the images of ‘Radha and Krishna’. The flow of event encompassed some brilliant performances. The talented teachers of VKE enacted the stories of Krishna and his birth, for the children and managed to gain complete attention and involvement of the little one’s imagination and minds. This year, all the students of EYP (Early Years Programme) and PYP (Primary Years Programme) participated in the event where they all dressed up traditionally as pretty Radhas and cute Krishnas.

The program started with the lighting of the Diya, by the ‘Core Team Members’ and soon the shining rays of light outcast all the impurities of the heart and lit up the purity of devotion, love, and happiness in all its forms took the children and spectators to world about 3300 years BC.
The energetic kids performed a variety of dance steps showing the love of Gopis for their beloved Krishna. Choreographed brilliantly and creatively, the teachers guided the beautifully attired children to proclaim a few acts to show the various aspects of Krishna’s life. Highlights were spectacular poses created by students depicting Krishna’s friendship with Radha, dancing with the Gopis, mentoring Arjuna, under the circle of the snake and pose of Vishnu with Goddess Lakshmi and many more. It was a moment of delight for the eyes to see varied roles of our Lord.

The space of school building was lovingly and skillfully ornamented with fine curtains, colorful balloons and plants giving it an insight of the ‘Vrindavan’. A big pot of butter (the famous Dahi Handi) was placed on the top for Krishna to climb and eat ‘Makhan’ from it. This entire creation of adoration and beauty brought forth a perfect ambience for all to rejoice the glory of Lord Krishna.
The PYP students showcased a beautiful dance performance on Raas-Leela, which is a very eloquent episode to Krishna and his life with the Gopis, signifying the importance of this occasion. All the students were dancing with great joy and delight. The little champions of Kindergarten sang the song “Ashtakam Keshvan Song” in their mystical voices. The tiny feets of EYP walked the ramp in their traditional attires loaded with the charm of Bal Gopal ~ Nandakishore and Radhas.
The excitement of witnessing the ‘Dahi Handi’ sequence is one of the most-awaited and finest themes of delight to watch for all the students. The beauty of this is event is to highlight Krishna’s mischievous nature and purity as ~ ‘Bal Gopal’.
The kids made a human pyramid to reach the pot which is filled with butter and lifted at a height. The Dahi Handi’ or pot breaking event specifies the completion of human desired and brings us down to the actualization of the holiness of God. Hence, Lord Krishna breaks the pot and releases our earthly belonging of the world and sets us free to experience the glory of our lives and the truth of every mankind ~ ‘Attainment of the bliss of the Lord’.

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