Saisha Sharma, a budding author from PYP 4C has penned down her imagination in a strikingly impressive manner. Her creativity and form of expression have culminated into a fascinating piece of fiction. To experience the magical world of her story ‘Lollirock And The Mouselings And Others’ read on… 

Lollirock And The Mouselings And Others

Once upon a time, I went to Iris’ house. I knocked the door and rang the doorbell. Auriana came to open the door. I said “Hello you must be Auriana. My name is Saisha and I need to speak to Iris.” Auriana yelled,”Iris ,there’s a visitor here for you!”. Iris came running down the stairs. She said ,”Who is it?”. Then she saw me.“Hey, dot I know you” . I said, “Yes Iris’ I am aunt Ellen’s friend’s daughter. Can we go upstairs to your room, please?” Iris led us to her room. She said “so what is it?” I just smiled. I said “I am a magical princess just like you”. I closed the door held my ring and said “Saisha princess of Ephedia”. I transformed into my magic dress. Talia said  “But that’s impossible! Iris is the princess of Ephedia; no one else!” I said, ”She is the princess of Ephedia but I am her big sister, so more powerful than any of you “ Auriana said “There is nobody more powerful than Iris!” “Nobody except her sister”, I said. Talia said, “I bet you don’t know any more spells like we all know”, “I do”, I said.  “Show us!”  said the three of them together. “Crystal Portalis!”

A door appeared and inside was a world full of nature.  “I didn’t see that coming”  said Iris. We went through the portal and realised we had turned into mice!”. Lollirock was freaked out but I wasn’t. The portal closed behind us. Iris said “How will we get back?” “In one week”  I said “don’t worry one week here is one hour there.” We were relaxed.

A mouseling came to help us up. “Hello, are you new here? If you are, welcome to Mouseford Academy! I am violet”. She led us to a skyscraper. There are four more mouselets Violet said, “These are my friends! Pamela, Paulina, Colette and Nicky!” “Welcome”They said. We went to the Headmaster. “Don’t worry, a week in this world is one hour in our world”, I said. We all let out a sigh of relief. The headmaster welcomed us warmly. Soon we became very popular, and the Thea sisters and us were in the same dormitory! We didn’t tell them about the portal stuff and all, but we did tell them about our magic power.

Soon, the Thea sisters discovered that they had magic powers too! We became very close friends. We worked very hard and aced exams. There were vacations for four to five weeks and then new school year would start. We couldn’t wait! We said goodbye and ran to the spot where we had fallen and I said, “Crystal portalis!” We went back to our world.  “It’s great to be home!” we said. “Saisha, are you good at singing?” Iris asked.  “If you say singing I’m the master!” I replied.“Oh, when I start the day…” I sang. When I was finished, Lollirock exclaimed, “You’re for Lollirock!”. Just then, Aunt Ellen opened the door. “There’s a concert on Sunday and it is Monday today”she said.“Yahoo!” we all [except Aunt Ellen] said. We prepared and rehearsed and got ready. It was time for the concert. “Before we start the concert I’d like to introduce lollirock’s newest member. Sunny Bay, meet Saisha!” Iris exclaimed. I appeared in a puff of smoke. The audience applauded. We performed our new song and, as always, everyone in the band used crystal magic. The song was a big hit!

“Loliirock is even better with you Saisha.”Auriana said as she gave me a big hug. I was barely able to breathe! “Uh, I think she needs some air, Auriana.” Talia said. “Auriana let go of me. Thanks Talia. It was nothing, Auriana. But make sure people can breathe when you’re hugging them.” I said, as soon as I caught my breath. “Anyway, I need to show you another spell.” I said as soon as we were back at our house. “Crystal portalis!” I said. “Are you sure that’s not the same one?” Talia asked. I nodded. We stepped in. Three girls came rushing to greet us when they saw us. Their names were Cleo, Rikki and Emma. I told them I knew their secret. “What secret?” Rikki asked pretending to be surprised. “I know you turn into mermaids when you touch water. We can do it to in Dolphin City too.” I explained after we had introduced ourselves. We were all [except me] surprised. We all dove into the water and transformed into mermaids. We showed our powers to each other. After we retransformed, we went back to Sunny Bay. This time, Iris cast the spell. There was a concert next week. I got a great idea for a song. We all loved it! We went to Ephedia, brought 3 more band players named, Izera, Lyna, and Carrisa. Izera played the drums, Lyna and Carrisa played chamberline with Auriana. At the day of the concert it was the same as last time only better with the others.

We won many competitions after that, got very famous, got treated specially by Mayor Sunshine, got mobbed in the street, and got medals of honour.

P.S. Ephedia is the planet from where we were sent to earth to be kept safe
P.P.S. We also got Mayor Sunshine’s calling card.

“Let’s see how you do!” I exclaimed. I used magic to make instruments appear in our practice room. They had perfect harmony. We joined in. It sounded great! “You’re in!” We said. “Yahoo!” They exclaimed. “Before we start, we would like to introduce the newest members of Lollirock” I said.”Lyna, Carrisa and Izera! Give them a big round of applause!” The audience applauded and Lyna, Carrisa and Izera appeared in a flash. “What an entrance!”

Nathenie said. “Wake up, Starry. Look cool, ready. Hey girls, let’s start a revolution!”. We sang as we performed and so on…

We were even better with Lyna, Carrisa and Izera. It was a huge hit! Then there was a competition of bands and we won! We got a huge trophy! We made a symbol for our band!

We were so awesome, we went for an International competition and won! We became so famous, we were swarmed in sunny Bay. Everyone wanted our autograph. Fans followed us everywhere. To the cafe, the garden, the park, even our own house! We signed so many autographs, that our wrists ached when we went through ½ of the people! “Never knew we would be so famous!” Iris said. “Well, we have to get away and fast!” Carrisa, Lyna and Izera exclaimed. We rushed to a Hotel and booked the most luxurious suite. We packed our bags and went inside. The owner said “Lollirock it’s an honour  to have you here! Leave your bags here and go to the Mayor’s office immediately! Mayor Sunshine is waiting for you!” We headed there without our bags immediately. Mayor called us; It’s either a mistake or a reward. We knocked on the door and burst in. “Welcome Lollirock!” said the Mayor. “It’s an honour to be here” I said. “Please call me Sunshine and I have no good or great news!” Mayor exclaimed. “You are so popular, your shows now are posted worldwide, aren’t you excited?” Mayor asked. “Yahoo!” we said. You are on the front page of every newspaper all over the world! This is great honour for me and the city to have you in Sunny Bay. I would like it, if you posted your Email on your website. Then people from all over the world will be able to see you perform in real life! The email is updated on the website and lots of mails are coming already. Yesterday, there were a million requests on our site. We typed, please stop sending requests atleast for 2 weeks, we have to perform lots of stuff. Girls so many Emails, our schedule will be filled till Christmas and it’s 11 March!” I exclaimed. We typed more. The people were disappointed.

Just then the door opened.  “Lollirock you have a very important visitor”, said the attendant. They went downstairs. It was the Mayor! He gave us medals of honour while national anthem blared through hidden speakers. We felt so proud. Suddenly the Mayor spoke. “From now on, you will be a part of many famous things. You will have to make time for that, along with yourselves. Are you ready for the challenge? If you don’t know for sure, call me when you’re sure. Here is my visiting card. We almost fainted with surprise. When Sunshine was gone, I said “Sunshine gave us his number! Only special people get his number. We went to our suite and did the activities which calmed us. Lyna played video games with Auriana, Carrisa and Talia learned new spells, Iris and I sang BFF songs. After we had calmed down, we went to our house. We had to wear disguises to not get mobbed but the wind blew the disguises away. We got mobbed immediately. When we finally reached our house and we locked the door. We had to turn on the lights. “Crystal lockus!” Izera exclaimed as she pointed at the door. Crystals covered the door immediately. Nobody gets in now except us.We transformed and read our song once more.

Here it is….

“Turn away and count to 3 together we will be forever.
We are together friends, friendship will never end, we’re together.
We are the fastest in the world, not slow in the world as we are awesome.
Hey there, the stars out in the sky like a rocket we can fly, we’re standing and will stay. Hey there,…”

Then the doorbell rang. “Who is it?” Iris cried, putting the song back. “It’s me, Nathanid. I got your text!” he said. “Come in!” Izera said lowering the crystals. Wow! , he said,When he come in. I said “Nathanid, Prince of Amazia.” Everyone of us except Talia and Kyle smiled. They were all surprised.

“Kyle, you are only 1 or 2 years older than Talia. And now we find that you are related!” Izera said. It was time for you to know I am your guardian, she concluded.  “What!” Kyle and Talia exclaimed in surprise. “Let’s go to Ephedia!” I said. We all nodded. “Ephedia Portalis!” Iris exclaimed. We went to Ephedia where our friends and families were waiting. “We will be able to communicate from different Kingdoms” .I said as I gave them each 1 phone, Iris and I each kept one.  “Bye!” We said, while others went to their planets.

We kept having fun with each other and lived happily ever.