Personal Project & Extended Essay Exhibition 2019-20

One of the most important aspects of education is experiencing the knowledge, that has been acquired. The IB education encourages experiential learning that involves applying the acquired skills in modern-day activities. The IB MYP programme culminates in a journey of Personal Project that an MYP 5 student undertakes over an extensive period. Students explore their personal interests and determine their goals, which they undertake to accomplish using the skills acquired over the five years of the MYP programme. Similarly, the IBDP programme has Extended Essay as one of its core component and students carry out extensive research on their areas of interest during the two years of their DP education. Completion of such a journey is a joyous occasion that reflects their hard work, zeal and enthusiasm of the rigor they have put in their projects.

With the annual Personal Project and Extended Essay exhibition, Victorious Kidss Educares celebrated the success of 74 and 19 such brilliant champions respectively on 18th and 19th December, 2019. The event was inaugurated by the President of the organization, Dr. Robin Ghosh and the Principal, Mrs. Saarada Ghosh. The fine quality of the projects and essays raised the bar higher for the upcoming batches due to its exemplary presentation.

Writing books on mythological creatures, guided poetry journals, creating e-book of screenplays was just the tip of the iceberg of creativity shown by MYP 5 students. The exhibition had projects on different International cuisines, learning dance styles and publishing recipe books. Projects on technical innovations were also the highlight of the exhibition. Examples include developing a target specific fire extinguishing system, patented designs on sustainable buildings, building drift trikes and smart mirror. Some projects demonstrated empathetic and compassionate nature of children as it involved organizing events for orphans and teaching piano to the blind students.

The DP 2 students presented their essays on a plethora of insightful topics, such as bitcoin transactions and cryptography, use of ‘the shadow self’ as a motif for trauma in a literary context, basel problem – an alternate solution to classical problem, factors affecting the flight of water rocket, effect of phenolic extracts from green tea on the enzymatic activity of digestive enzymes, and so on and so forth. The array of projects and essays not only reflected research skills embedded in the process but also, creative and critical thinking along with self-management and other skills. They stood feeling accomplished and basked in the glow of their achievements as they ran the last lap of the course. The completion of the Personal Project and the Extended Essay has resulted in a significant development of their personalities, with a new sense of accomplishment as they look back to see their passion and interest, molding into a creative way.

This exhibition was also a platform for the young buds of MYP 3 who demonstrated social responsibility through the medium of community projects. They utilized this opportunity to spread awareness on providing necessities for stray dogs, teaching self-defense to girls and initiating a campaign to plant trees for a greener planet. The exhibition was a powerhouse of new learning and an eye opener to what a child can achieve if he sets his heart to it. Achieving the goal of being ready for 2028, our millennials are setting high standards and retaining the faith of humanity in mankind. The exhibition was witnessed by the entire school community and visitors from other international schools. Their commendations have proved the exhibition to be a grand success.

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