PYP 5 Virtual Exhibition at VKE

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.”

-Maria Montessori

Nurtured with care, cherished with love and steered with confidence, our VKE champions of the PYP 5 are budding into the future leaders of tomorrow. An incredible journey is unfolding today, as our students get ready to present their yearlong personal inquiry and take the centre-stage through the Virtual Exhibition 2021 website.The PYP Exhibition at VKE is approximately a 13 week process (although the students are oriented at the beginning of academic year) in which students apply their skills and knowledge from previous years within the Primary Years Programme, and this year, it was successfully carried out entirely online. Students were involved in a self-initiated inquiry under the theme of ‘How We Express Ourselves’. In small groups, they researched and decided on an action to take. There are 10 diverse groups with research topics such as Culinary arts and Astronomy. For the virtual exhibition, each group created their own process journal, a common group video and of course their personal portfolio.

This year’s Exhibition, will be remembered because it was conducted completely online. Watching this website come together as a result of students, teacher mentors and parents collaboration has been an extraordinary experience. As you browse through the website you will notice that each student was involved in a self-initiated inquiry of his/her interest, and in small groups, researched and decided on an action to take and a product to create.

The IBO Research Summary 2017 (The impact of the PYP exhibition on the development of international-mindedness, critical thinking and attributes of the IB learner profile)

Goes on to say:

“While the Exhibition is the ultimate PYP summative assessment it is also a connecting bridge to MYP. The role of MYP is to maintain and extend the gains students have made throughout the PYP years. The Exhibition sets the baseline for MYP teachers to build on. This base consists of teamwork, critical thinking and inquiry, problem-solving and risk taking, entrepreneurship and innovation. The Exhibition is a tangible example of Global Leadership.”

Moulded with patience and perseverance since a tender age; our students have evolved through the EYP and the PYP, adding feather after feather to their hats, with their triumphs. Today they are ready for a landmark achievement as they graduate into the MYP, where they will implement their learnt skills and make hands-on connections with real life.

A stepping stone into another whole new world of possibilities, this Exhibition by our PYP 5 students comes at the end of a year-long research work, an exploration of their passions, the brainstorming of ideas and the honing of multiple skills that have enabled them to voice out their opinions and feelings to the world.

Excited to share ‘How we express ourselves’, our students are ready to present an exceptional view of the world as seen from their perspective.

Dear Parents of the World, we invite you to visit the exhibition link below and witness a unique way of shaping our future leaders and preparing them as they get ready to begin a whole new chapter of their lives through MYP.

An incredible journey unfolded , as our students got ready to share their yearlong personal inquiry and take the centre-stage through the Virtual Exhibition 2021 website.

A Sneak Peak into the PYP 5 Virtual Exhibition 2021

Brainstorming for a scientific insight

Exploring the past to shape the future

Expressing themselves through Visual Arts

Learning about cutting-edge technology

Showcasing the portfolio with confidence

Exploring some healthy recipes through culinary arts

Virtual Learning is Fun!

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