Teacher’s Day at Victorious Kidss Educares

Victorious Kidss Educares celebrated the Teacher’s Day on Wednesday, the 6 of September 2017. The depicted day was changed from the All India Teachers Day of 5th Sep, because of the Ganpati celebrations. The campus was decorated with colorful balloons to give a warm welcome to our dear teachers. The event started with ‘Bharatnatyam’ performed by a teacher from Middle Years Programme (MYP). Short stories about great teachers like Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Saints and Masters from India were narrated. The motive was to promote the idea that
‘Learning is not limited to classrooms. Learning or teaching doesn’t mean blindly follow your teacher. Great teachers can make great students’.
MYP students presented a skit based on Mitch Albom who rediscovered his life after meeting his old professor Morrie. Lessons learnt from this story were, ‘Give unconditional love, cherish every moment with everyone, we continue learning all our lives’.
A short video on ‘What would the world be without teachers?’ where the champs of VKE had expressed their ideas and opinions with loyalty, sincerity, and confidence. There was a splendid Western dance performance by dance teachers and a musical performance by the music team of VKE. Also, MYP 3 & 4 students presented a spectacular dance performance. There was a fun activity conducted in which teachers participated and thoroughly enjoyed. As a token of love and appreciation, all teachers received a gift.
In the speech delivered by the President, Sir Robbin Ghosh mentioned, ‘Every day is a Teacher’s Day. Learning never ends for as long as we choose to. Our teachers, children are required to be guided to think on the words of our Great Teacher of Swami Vivekananda, “So long as I live, that long do I learn.” Learning can be of 2 kinds: First what we learn from books and nature. Second learning is from our own experience, which is, as per Vedanta, is the ultimate learning.

We should hold on to three truths:
1) Hold on to truth, Don’t tell lies ~ speak, think and act truth.
2) Have faith in Supreme Presence of Nature: call Him by name of God, Allah, Jesus, Krishna, or any name. That supreme truth is within us and has infinite potentials.
3) Have faith in your own self ~ You are the child of God. With God, Guru and faith in your own ‘self’, you can do, you can achieve anything.

To be called a True Teacher (Acharya), we should live the way we want to teach others. We are required to, ‘Walk what we Talk’.
Who is a Guru? He is a mentor, a guide, a friend, a source of motivation and one who takes us from darkness to light, ignorance to wisdom, from death to immortality.’ With this message, the event ended, with celebrations and festivity, which continued, throughout the day.