Aura Abacus and Vedic Math National Level Competition

Believe in Yourself and the World will be at your feet
~Swami Vivekananda

Victorious Kidss Educares, being an IB World school believes in creating ‘lifelong learners’. Our educational programs concurrently nurture the holistic development of a child, meaning an ambience of all-round development. They learn Sanskrit, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Robotics, Abacus, Vedic Math’s, ICT C++, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Western Salsa to Hip Hop, Contemporary to Indian Classical, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Bollywood Dances, specialized sports language.
Abacus and Vedic Math are two such courses that are a part of our curriculum to strengthen the variety of data input, towards stroking of intellectual curiosity of every child. Because for us, “Every Child Can & Every Child Matters”. The stimulating curriculum integrates Vedic Wisdom which develops a strong sense of respect and courage in one’s own self.

Abacus concept is very friendly and very popular with children of our school. It is one of the most ancient tools used for quick calculations that simultaneously help to boost a child’s confidence and concentration. Vedic Math is a system of reasoning and mathematical analytics, based on ancient Indian teachings called Veda. VKE believes in reviving the goodness of our ancient teachings and Vedantic methodologies.
Students of Victorious Kidss Educares participated in the National Level Championship of Aura Vedic Math and Abacus held on January 27th, 2019. Approximately 156 of our champions took part in different programs/levels of Abacus and Vedic Math, along with many other International School and many more scholars from Symbiosis International, Bishops Co-ed, Vikhe Patil, City International, etc.

Our 33 champions won laurels in various grade competitions for Abacus and Vedic Math. It was the result of rigorous training sessions held in the months of December 2018 and January 2019 by our experienced teachers. We are extremely blessed and filled with pride to announce the names of the thirty-three (33) winners and congratulate them on their achievement. The students will receive the trophies and certificates.

Congratulations to the winners and their proud parents. The names of the Winners are tabulated below:

Abacus Winners ~ Grade 1 and 2

1Darsh TodkarPYP 1 CPlay Abacus 12ndIntermediate
2Akshita ChaturvediPYP 1 EPlay Abacus 11stJuniors
3Avish SharmaPYP 1 EPlay Abacus 12ndJuniors
4Saee Tushar GalandePYP 1 DPlay Abacus 12ndJuniors
5Vadim SobolakPYP 1 DPlay Abacus 12ndJuniors
6Divina SalvePYP 1 APlay Abacus 13rdJuniors
7Rithvik GuptaPYP 1 APlay Abacus 11stSeniors
8Aryamann ChavanPYP 2 APlay Abacus 12ndSeniors
9Vyom GuptaPYP 2 CPlay Abacus 13rdSeniors
10Rohan Prasad EdlabadkarPYP 2 BPlay Abacus 21st
11Parth PatelPYP 2 CPlay Abacus 22nd
12Anish Subhash NarwadePYP 2 EPlay Abacus 23rd


Grade 3 to 7

1Aaniya Mishra3CAbacus3rdAbacus Level-1 SK1B
2Antoine Felder3BAbacus3rdAbacus Level-1 SK1C
3Shreesh Karlekar3DAbacus1stAbacus Level-2 SK2Juniors
4Neil Gandhi3BAbacus2ndAbacus Level-2 SK2Intermediate
5Shriya Jamuar3EAbacus2ndAbacus Level-2 SK2Juniors
6Bhoopesh Kumar Singh3BAbacus1stAbacus Level-3 SK3Juniors
7Aarav Dhumal3CAbacus1stAbacus Level-4 SK4Juniors
8Dhairya ParmarMYP II DAbacus1stAbacus Level-4 SK4Seniors
9Aarav Jain4DAbacus2ndAbacus Level-4 SK4Juniors
10Vivaan Marlecha3DAbacus3rdAbacus Level-4 SK4Juniors


Vedic Math Winners

1Mahi Jamuar1PYP V BVedic Math1st
2Shravya Sharma1PYP V BVedic Math1st
3Jayden Fernandes1PYP V BVedic Math3rd
4Dhruv Patel2MYP II BVedic Math2nd
5Ira Prabhudesai2MYP II DVedic Math2nd
6Ritvik Agarwal3MYP II BVedic Math2nd
7Rakeysh Gupta3MYP II CVedic Math2nd
8Aakriti GuptaBeginnersPYP IV DVedic Math1st
9Sara HiraniBeginnersPYP IV CVedic Math2nd
10Revanth KomirishettyBeginnersPYP IV AVedic Math3rd

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