Parent’s Reflection ~ Amit Kharat (father of Diva Kharat from Nursery Aquamarine)

“Dear Dr. Ghosh,
Wishing you and the entire team of VKE a very Happy Diwali!
I Amit Kharat, father of Diva Kharat who is the student of Nursery Aquamarine, VKE. I have been wanting to write a mail to you since a long time regarding what my daughter Diva is learning in the school, about her development, about her inclination towards learning new things everyday and also towards arts and music.
Diva is in VKE since she was just 3 months old. She amazes me and my family everyday by sharing with us things that she learns in the school. She is just 2 years 8 months old yet she very well understands four languages and expresses herself confidently in three languages. She is very expressive and confident and loves to explore things around her. She loves books and we have to read at least 4-5 books everyday to her.
Today Diva painted something on a page. She came to us and started telling us what the picture was about. Following are some of the things she said:
• This is Zebra Crossing.
• There is Red Light, Green Light, Yellow Light and a Camera.
• Cars stop at Red Light. If they don’t, they get hit. (I will hit them)
• Stop at Red Light. Go at Green Light.
• If you will run, you will fall. Don’t run.

Few days back she also shared with us her learning about parts of plant. She told us following things:
• Plants have stem.
• They have leaves.
• Sunlight is plant’s food.
• Plants grow when they get sunlight.
• Plants have roots.
• Plants have flowers.
• In garden we use tools like spade

When I told her, “Plants have trunk”, Diva, very confidently said that plants don’t have trunks. For a moment, I forgot the difference between plants and trees, and she made me realize it. Sir, I remember I learnt about traffic rules when I was in Class 2, and I learnt about plants when I was in Class 5. Seeing this knowledge exhibited by my child is more than a miracle. Whenever she wants to talk to us she would say it’s family time and make us sit together and talk. Right now when I am writing this mail to you she is sharing with her mother the recipe of making a CAKE (add sugar, cream, chocolate and milk and mix) and singing happy birthday song.

When I asked my wife, Khushboo, she mentioned that she learnt about this from her units FAMILY, TRANSPORTATION and GARDENING. All her teachers, especially, Tasneem Ma’am (The class teacher of Nursery Aquamarine) and Sandhya Ma’am (The class teacher of Playgroup) have done wonders with my kid. She already knows counting till 35 and number names from 1 to 10. She sings the prayers the school does every morning and National Anthem. The other day the school celebrated Pink Day and Diva reflected at home that when we mix red and white colours we get Pink colour. We couldn’t believe what we heard. There’s so much that my child is learning at VKE which is very difficult to put in this mail. Thanks to you and the entire team of FYP for the fantastic development of DIVA.”


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